Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Decluttering and Organizing

I've been MIA again but I have a really good reason....I've been on a mission to declutter and organize this house! I've always been organized and love nothing more than a clean and organized home. My belief is that everything has a "home". You've heard the saying, "there's a place for everything and everything has it's place" or something like that, well close enough anyway. AND with the addition of the twins I feel like our home has shrunk so what we ended up with was more crap uh I mean stuff and less homes to put the "stuff" in.
And when the house is cluttered and messy, I'm a crazy woman.
"And when momma ain't happy...." well you know the rest.
So I figured I either needed to have a garage sale (which I hate doing) or donate everything I no longer want/need. So I chose the latter and made several trips to my local charity with all my "stuff". BUT I'm not finished so don't go and expect a bunch of before and after photos of clean and organized rooms because I'm STILL going through the stuff. But, I do have a walk-in closet that I can actually walk in to AND I have an entryway that you can now enter!
So with less stuff to clean up and put away, we have more time to do fun things like...
Vegetable art with a friend.OR
Go to a playdate.
Meet a few friends at McDonalds

While I was decluttering, I had the kids do laundry. Well, one kid anyway.
I mean this is the real reason I had kids. So they can help with the housework!
No seriously.Look at those chubby legs, I could just eat him up!

Are you feeling a little cluttered? What have you organized lately?

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