Friday, October 15, 2010

It's official...I'm a Soccer Mom

My daughter just started playing soccer which is her first sport to ever play. Have you ever seen 4 year-olds play soccer? They're so stinkin' cute the way they ALL chase after the ball. My daughter loves it and we really enjoy seeing her have fun and meeting new friends which is what it's really about. Making new friends and learning teamwork.
Before the first practice we went shopping for new soccer cleats, shin guards, soccer shorts and soccer ball. We made a day of it and made it all about her.
It's been a major adjustment for her having to learn the new soccer lingo. Her coach uses terms like "get after the ball", or "BUST IT" or "hustle"which mean nothing to her. My all time favorite is "kick it outside!". She's probably thinking "but I AM outside!". So officially I'm a soccer mom, however I don't drive a minivan or an SUV and I don't have one of those cute little stickers on my back windshield that has a little girl holding a soccer ball. I guess I better get with the program and "Bust It"!!

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