Thursday, September 9, 2010

Living Room Makeover: Part 1

I thought we would be finished with this little project by now since we started it back in ummm, June!
It's just paint, new pillows, artwork and simple stuff but for some reason it's taking forever to complete.
Oh yeah, and a new mantle that we're building.
So this is what we started with ukly (ugly oak) built-in bookcases that flank the fireplace.
Like my overzealous attempt to accessorize for fall?
It looks like someone dumped their garage sale leftovers on my shelves.AfterStill working on the other side. Someone forgot to buy enough rails for the shelves.
I'm not naming any names but their name starts with husband.

Artwork a.k.a. scrapbook paper and Wal-mart frames.
This pillow is what started it all.

I knew I wanted a lighter feel to the room with a color palette of white, aqua and green.
And something to go with my weird color furniture.
It's a goldish, greenish, brownish, baby poopish color.
Let's just call it Newborn Baby Poop Green.
If you have children, you know the color I'm referring to. :)

Next on the list, paint the ugly brown trim, attach new mantle, paint ukly french doors white, buy new rug, make slipcover for Newborn Baby Poop Green chair and ottoman, scrape 1978 popcorn ceiling off and retexture, and and and......

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  1. Love the colors and the look you are going for! I saw your name on a comment and had to check out anyone called Southern Fried Living (given I live in the South) :) Feel free to check out my site -