Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Black Interior Front Door: Before & After

I know I haven't posted since March but I'm still here.  And my camera is still broken and that's why I haven't been blogging because I didn't want to subject you guys to my fuzzy iphone pictures with bad lighting.  But I'm going to anyway because I finished a project and I wanted to share it with you!

Last month I showed you a few photos I found on Pinterest of black interior front doors.  
Here's one of the photos of a front door that I think looks very similar to mine.

So I ran to my local Lowe's and had the paint guy mix a quart of Valspar paint in black.  Well actually he wanted me to choose one of the colors from the paint chip area but I couldn't find a black that didn't look blue or purple or have some other kind of tint to it.  I told him I just wanted black so he said he could just add black to the can if I wanted.   Ummm, yes please!  So the paint doesn't have an actual name, it's just "plain ole black".  
So here's a nice fuzzy picture for you to see what I was starting with.  Wood doors with the original 1970's stain on it.
And here it is after I primed it.  I was actually considered painting it white and after seeing the white primer, I knew black would look so much better.
And here it is now.....
And another one.....
I love it and wish I had painted it sooner!
Now I'm working on the other side, the front.  The part that people actually see!  I started on it yesterday and I plan to finish it today when the boys take their nap since it's currently outlined in blue painters tape.  ;)