Monday, October 18, 2010

I FINALLY went to Ikea!

I think I may be the last person on the earth to visit an Ikea store. I hear so many good things about it and I get the catalog and LOVE it! Sooo I begged my hubby to take me with the kids and he did, unwillingly. During the Cowboys game. Yeah, he's a keeper! And it was a good game. AND we won. Ouch. And he's the best hubby ever!
Anyway, it was awesome and everything that I thought it was going to be and MORE. I swear they think of everything. So you go in and right there at the front of the store they have a little closed in play area where you can drop your kids off for an HOUR. For FREE! What the what?! Is that not brilliant? Drop your kids off so you can shop ALONE??? You mean I wouldn't have to listen to I want this, can I have that, Mommy look at this, Mommy, Mommy. I know what they were thinking behind this idea, less distraction= more spending!!! Brilliant. But we didn't drop our kid off because she wanted to be with us and Grandma was with us so it was no biggie. Plus, I'm not sure I could drop my kid off with complete strangers. But still a good idea, you know, for other people.Lu felt right at home with the little girls room complete with kitchen.
She told me I could go shopping and she could stay there and cook lunch.
She was serious.
I love this idea for the twin's future room.
Bunk beds....
...and tons of storage.
That tent makes me wish I was a kid again.
It would be like camping under the stars every night minus the bugs.(No, those aren't my hips in the above picture. Some random lady texting while her boy spun around in the swivel chair until he was about to puke.)
Lu was having so much fun in this little chair. It swivels and she was spinning around and giggling so hard. I knew we had to get it for her and then we saw the price tag.
It was something like 80 bucks!
So I did what I always do when our child wants something expensive....I distract!!
I pointed to a little train set that was like 5 bucks and said oooooh this is so cool!
Would you like for me to buy it for you?

Thank you Ikea for being awesome and not letting me down and for having really yummy food!

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