Monday, February 27, 2012

Twin Boys Room Update:: Beds

We recently moved our twin boys (age 2 1/2) out of their cribs and into twin beds.  I was hoping this day would come when they were a little older but one of them learned how to climb out of his crib and then quickly taught the other one.  When it was time for their nap, I would put them in their cribs and  within a few minutes I would  hear them giggling and playing with their toys on the floor. I could no longer keep them captive in their beds and besides, they were getting too big for them anyway! 
We originally wanted to buy them bunk beds but we couldn't find a set that we liked and we felt we needed something ASAP.  I was a Pinning fool on Pinterest, I even made a board for it (you can see my Bunk Beds board here).  Say that five times in a row....Bunk Beds Board, bunk beds board, bunk beds..........

We decided it would be easier to go ahead and buy them Twin sized mattresses and put them on a regular metal frame for the "time being" and make a couple of headboards.  
I knew I wanted to use salvaged/ recycled wood and "DIY" a headboard for them.  I pinned a few items under my Twin Boys Room board on Pinterest that used old wood like these.........

And then I saw this one and I knew it was what I wanted.  And with a light mounted on it!  Love it!

I thought this one would be great so the boys could each have their own light for "reading" their books at bedtime.  We're putting the finishing touches on them today and will have pics up for you tomorrow.  


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