Friday, February 24, 2012

My New Cowboy Boots

On Valentine's Day/Our Wedding Anniversary, my husband surprised me by coming home early and whisking me off to lunch and then shopping for my first pair of cowboy boots.  I've been wanting a pair for a long time  but just couldn't bring myself to spend that kind of money on myself.  But, I can always count on him to buy me things that I'm too cheap frugile to by myself.  So off to the Western store we went where I tried on pair after pair after pair with the help of a very nice salesman that looked every part of a real cowboy.  I wish I had taken his picture but we were limited on time but just imagine Sam Elliot but with super white hair and beard minus the deep voice.  He even called me ma'am a few times! he he
And so here they are.....
Boulet Ladies Boots
The inlay has an irredescant creamy white fish scale looking design with orange stitching.  And of course my camera is not capturing all of it's gorgeousness but it's so pretty.
I'm hoping to find a really cute sundress to wear them with this Spring/Summer but in the meantime I wear them with jeans with covers up the best part I think.  

Do you think they would look OK to wear them with Jeggings?
Help, I need some suggestions!!!

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  1. Pretty!

    Yes, you can wear them with jeggings. Also a sun dress, a skirt, etc. I have quite a few pairs of boots (I'm frugal too..I find them on ebay for A LOT less than in the store). My $500 Lucchesses were only $78 on ebay!!