Monday, February 13, 2012

Entryway Makeover

I don't normally consider the color orange a hue I decorate with on a regular basis.  I tend to lean more towards whites, creams, greens and blues.  But last October when I was going through my seasonal decor items, I realized how much I really like the bold color and decided to add a little orange goodness to my entryway.  I went through my stash of fabric and found a print that not only had orange in it, but it also had my current favorite color aqua blue.
I put a small piece of it in a frame and used it as my guide.  The rest was easy really, I just bought some dark orange scrapbook paper and added it to some old frames I had lying around and hot glued some metal keys on top of the paper.  I didn't measure or plan out the layout, I just started hanging things up and when something didn't look right, I just put another nail hole in the wall.  And another one....and then some more.  I made sure I did this project when my husband wasn't home otherwise he would make me measure, use a level and make it all perfect and stuff.  I don't measure because even if I did, I still wouldn't get it right and I would just have to make another nail hole anyway so why bother.  Or maybe I'm just lazy.  Anyway, after everything was up on the wall, I displayed some old blue Mason jars that my husband's grandmother gave me to go with the aqua in the fabric.  The only thing I purchased was a new rug from Ikea that has just about every color in it including blue and orange so it can be moved around the house easily.
Andrup rug from Ikea $34.99
And to just give you an idea of what it looked like a couple of years ago......

Paint: Camelback by SW
better but boring! 

I've had it like this for a while now and I'm already for a change!  Not sure what will go up next but I'm thinking something big and bold!  And I would like a new table there, something that will actually have some drawers for storage and maybe big enough to hold two lamps.
What would you do in this space????

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  1. Cute! I love orange too, but have always been to scared to use it! I love the rug...wish we had an ikea here :(