Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Making Progress: Kitchen Update

Once Spring arrived it seemed I couldn't keep my kids inside for more than 5 minutes before they began to bang their little fists on the patio door and say "Momma outside" over and over.  So needless to say I had to put my little kitchen project on the "back burner" and enjoy some fun in the sun with my kiddos.  And when I mean "little kitchen project" I'm referring to the painting of the walls and cabinets in the kitchen which is the opposite of "little project" if you ask me.  
Or anyone for that matter.
But I managed to make some progress and was able to complete one entire wall.  I also did the cutting in around the cabinets, ceiling and doorways. 

Here's a pic of the one and only painted wall in the kitchen (and a baby).  It's hard to tell but if you look really close you can still see the old yellowish paint around the windows. Can you see it?
Here's another shot, can you see the old paint on the header?  Hey did you notice the white cabinets??  Those are about halfway finished too!!
Yes, the lighting is totally off but that's because we had solar screens installed on the windows last year to help with the heat.  Our kitchen faces west so in the late afternoon the sun would hit those windows and you could literally feel the heat coming in.  When I would make dinner for my family I felt like I was standing under a heat lamp!  So although that side of the house is cooler now thanks to our new screens, it does make the space look a little darker so please pardon the extremely poor lighting. 
I will be sure to remove the screens when I take all the "after" photos to allow all the natural light in.
Here's a picture of the same side of the kitchen when we first moved in just to give you a little perspective on how far we've come!  I can't wait to complete all the painting so I can put my kitchen back together and once and for all get all the paint out of my hair!

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