Friday, February 11, 2011

Kitchen Update

We started painting the kitchen cabinets a couple of weeks ago and I really thought we would be done by now but we're only halfway through this humongous project. And that's partly because my husband got involved and well, he's kinda a perfectionist. I say that with the utmost respect and love, honestly. I usually take the "oh it's good enough" approach to doing things and he's the opposite. He makes my projects look REALLY good. My approach to painting the cabinets was to paint them. His approach is to caulk and fill every seam, crack, hole, dent, etc so when we paint it looks all flawless and crap. See the caulk in the cracks? So that triples the time it takes to get things done. But, like I said, he makes it look really goooood!

We thought we would go ahead and get a couple of bids for new cabinet doors because after we took off the cabinet doors, I decided I wanted ALL new pretty door fronts. So after the bids came back and we picked our jaws off the floor, we decided to only do glass door fronts on the cabinets next to the sink since those are the ones you see when you first walk into the kitchen. The bids weren't that high but when you're originally budgeting for paint and hardware only it kinda seemed like a lot of money. And I would really like to continue being a stay-at-home mom! Know what I'm sayin'. Besides, we can always get new doors later when the tree out back starts growing Benjamins.So to get the cabinets finished I've decided to set a deadline so I can get 'er done and get my kitchen back and that deadline folks is March 1st! I work well under pressure which means I'll probably be up all night on Feb. 28! Wish me luck!

Any projects you've started lately and just can't seem to get finished??

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