Tuesday, September 7, 2010

OK....where was I? & 1st Day of Preschool

I've been gone a while, lots going on over here but good news............
Today was the kids first day of preschool!
That's right "kids" as in plural as in they all went to school today!
They are so excited about going to school you just don't even KNOW how excited I am, I mean they are!!!!

Here are the twins on the front row of the mega stroller.
It looks like they just rode the roller coaster at Six Flags!

This picture is actually from meet the teacher day last week but they had the same expression when we dropped them off this morning.
Good times.
Dad helped me get the kids to school since it was raining.
Otherwise I have to get this bunch to school all by myself. Weee!!!!We met their new teachers last week.
Lu with Ms. JenToday when we dropped her off she was so eager to go and play with her new friends that I almost didn't get a picture of her.
The look says, "OK mom, you can go now."
I remember when she used to cling to my leg when we would go to play dates and now she's all independent and stuff.
OK Lu, you can stop growing up so fast now. Okay?
(sniff, sniff)
You can see the boys teachers in the reflection of the window.
(Well, kinda sort of, a little.)Making friends at the fire hydrant.
I hope they're having a good day today.
So what will I be doing today?

Oh, I'm so glad you asked. Well, first, I'm turning on the radio and listening to real music with real lyrics instead of toddler tunes, not that there's anything wrong with toddler tunes but it's just that I get tired of "wheels on the bus go 'round and"......well you know the rest.

And then I will be starting what I call the "laundry marathon".
That is where the washer and dryer don't stop until I leave to get the kids.

Oh and finishing up a few home improvements that we've started over here but haven't finished.
Would you like to see what we're working on right now?
Here's a pic of the ukly (that's my new work for ugly oak) built-in bookcases that flank the fireplace.
Please excuse my attempt to accessorize my mantle.
Do you like the new color?
It's Herbal Wash from Sherwin Williams.
Hopefully the glass shelves will go up today and the new mantle.
It's going to be fabulous especially when we move that stinkin' ugly swing out of there!!gotta run, the dryer just beeped!

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