Monday, April 18, 2011

Updating the Landscape: Removing Old Shrubs

I can't believe it's been an entire month since I posted last.  We've been busy around here doing a lot of "stuff".  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous so we spend most of our time outside playing, eating popsicles and grilling on the patio. 
We also started on the front flower beds.  We lost a few shrubs this past winter from the deep freezes that we had.  We had record low temps and I guess the shrubs couldn't handle it and died. 
Here's a shot of a blank spot where we lost an Indian Hawthorne bush.  We'll have to re-plant something there but not sure if I want to plant the same thing.  I'm craving change and some more color in the front of the house. 
(naked spot on the right is where we lost the shrub)
These Japanese Boxwoods in front of the window we've had for 10 years and I'm so over them.  They're boxy (I guess that's why they're called Boxwoods), off centered and they block part of the window so I asked my hubby to dip them up.  I'm all about doing things myself but it would take me hours to dig those things up and would take him probably 30 minutes or so. 
BUT, he had an even better idea...his truck and a tow strap. 

Just put the tow strap around the bush, attach it to your truck and back it up!
See now wasn't that easier than spending who-knows-how-long to dig it up with a shovel!
 Our dog is always in the middle of everything!  But he is the best dog ever!  Love him!
Do you see that white-ish clump of dirt?  That's dirt with cat hair on top of it.  Our long-haired cat sleeps in the bushes and that's her hair.  Now you know why she's an outdoor cat!  I couldn't handle the hair in the house anymore.  I know, I'm mean for kicking her out but seriously, she LOVES being outside!  And I LOVE not having cat hair to deal with!!
One down 3 to go!
And another one bites the dust.....
And then there were none! It took about 10 minutes to remove 4 established bushes!  
Our dog is sniffing our cat because she's hiding in the corner.  I think she's in shock because she just lost her hiding spot!
I think it looks better already don't you?  Now we just need to relocate that other bushy thing in the corner and move those ball shrubs and then we can plant something smaller perhaps some pretty flowers or ornamental grass.  Any suggestions or ideas please let me know!

P.S. We gave the old shrubs to our neighbor who wanted to plant them in his flower beds so I don't feel bad for digging up perfectly good shrubs.  So if I ever miss them I can just glance over at my neighbor's house and wave hello.  But I'm pretty sure I won't miss them. 

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  1. Looks great a whole lot more uniform! I will be back to see what else you'll do! Will you add color maybe?