Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cheap & Easy Wall Art

One of my daughter's favorite sayings is "You Get What You Get & You Don't Pitch a Fit!".  She learned it from her preschool teacher last year who she adored. I said this to her one time when I served her  something she wasn't thrilled about eating and it instantly made her smile. And then she said "okay" and started eating what I gave her.  I couldn't believe how easy it was to make her happy just by saying that one little phrase.  And then one day on Pinterest (I know you know them) and found this little gem.
I was like What?!  I can soooo make that.  So I asked one of my friends that has one of those fancy schmanchy vinyl cutting machines if she would make me some vinyl letters and a crown. 
 And she did except for she didn't have a crown so she cut out a Fleur de Lis instead which I think I like better.  Next, I just stuck them on a $5 canvas (18x24) and spray painted over it with yellow paint.
I used Bauhaus Gold by Krylon first (on the right) but it was too gold so I went over it again with Sun Yellow by Rust-Oleum and it was the perfect shade of yellow that I was looking for.
Peeled off the letters..........
...and Ta-Da!  
I know it doesn't look exactly the same as the one on Pinterest but it's close enough.  Actually it's perfect with all of it's imperfectly spaced letters.  Who needs to measure letter spacing??  Not me, I just eye-ball it.  And then spend an hour "fixing it".  Whatev. 
Besides, it makes my daughter smile and that's all that matters.
I hung it on the wall by the kitchen table just in case I need to refer to it when someone doesn't like the food they were served.  
That goes for husbands too!
(please excuse the poor lighting, it was cloudy today)



  1. This is one of my daughter's favorite sayings too. She says sit to her brothers all the time. Great idea.

  2. Looks great! My daughter learned this one in preschool too ;) Visiting from Somewhat Simple's blog party.

  3. Love this saying! My 7th grade students laugh when I say it to them AND they stop fussing!

  4. Beth, That is the cutest story ever! My daughter would love it too. I think I need to remind my teenagers about this critical parenting principle. Lol!

    My short version is 'because I said so'. Since my teens know I love them, they usually laugh and go ahead and do it. But they know very well that fits will get them no where.

    You are off to a great start with your little one. :o)

    Cute post, GREAT tutorial!! and I adore the title of your blog. I'm on a diet though and it reminded me of how sad I am not to get to eat all the yummy fried stuff I've had the chance to eat while on vacation. I've lived on salads most of the week.

    Thanks again for visiting my blog. Isn't Maria such a sweet person?

    Donna :o)

    Your title made me smile. That country song popped right into my head when I read it. I think it's called 'Chicken fried'. Do you know it? Don't you love southern life? I sure do!