Monday, March 7, 2011

New Lamps for the Master Bedroom

Happy Monday everyone! Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend. Our weekend was jam-packed with birthdays and watching my niece's cheer-leading competition. They won 2nd place!! Congratulations girls!!
So after I painted the entryway/foyer last week I decided it was time to tackle the master bedroom. This room needs A LOT of attention such as paint on the walls, paint on the furniture, lighting, furniture, drapes, etc, etc. I've been searching for new lamps for the side tables for a while and either can't find what I'm looking for or it's more than I'm willing to spend. So when I took the kiddos to Home Depot to get paint samples, we ran through lighting just to see what they had. I wasn't expecting much but to my surprise they had the the most perfect lamp(s) for the master bedroom AND they were on Clearance for half off! So I asked the very nice and very old man (not being mean just giving you some visual here) working there if they had two because I only saw the one on display. So he gets out his handy dandy little computer thingy and tells me that it shows they have 3!
So he proceeds to look for them and he looks, and he looks and he cannot locate them anywhere.
So he looks at his little handy dandy little computer thingy again tells me there is 1 at one store like 40 miles away and another one another 40 miles away. So I tell him "thanks for checking" and decided they just weren't meant to be. Bummer. So we headed over to the garden area so my daughter could look at the flowers (she LOVES flowers) and we're there for about 10 minutes when I hear a man yelling "ma'am!", Ma'am"!, MA'AM"! I look up and he's waving his arms at me and yells across the garden center "I FOUND THEM!". I was so happy I almost cried. Not really but seriously I couldn't stop smiling!!!He said he had been looking allover the store for me and when he couldn't find me he decided to look in the garden area since that's where most woman like to shop. I thought that was cute. I could tell he was happy he found them, I think he knew he made my day. Maybe he could adopt me as his granddaughter or something and help me find more amazing deals at Home Depot. Or maybe his great-granddaughter since I'm so young and all. ;)

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