Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy 8 month birthday boys!!!

Happy 8 month birthday boys!!

How time has flown by! You guys are growing up waaaay too fast! I feel like I’m still trying to adjust to having twins. Maybe when you turn 1 or 2 I’ll get used to the idea or maybe when you start school or maybe NEVER. I can tell the fun is just beginning because ya'll are crawling all over the place and getting into EVERYTHING. Time to baby-proof and get the baby gates out!!! Yes, I know it should have been done already but seriously, where is the time for extra stuff like that? I barely get a shower in or get a chance to potty! Baby proofing is one of those things I do when you're about to pull something down on top of yourself or when you put something in your mouth like sister's pom poms!

I remember when you were wee little and wishing you were 6 months old because for some reason I thought you would be sleeping through the night. Ha ha ha, joke’s on me!!!!!! One of these days, mommy and daddy will get at least 6-8 hours of sleep….. right?

We love you soooo much and are soooo thankful that God has given us such beautiful and healthy children. My heart is full and I couldn't ask for more!! Well maybe a maid but that's it really.

Peace Out.

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