Friday, December 11, 2009

My 3 Year Old and Gas

I love that my 3 year old is so inquisitive and wants to know everything about everything. However, she asks A Lot of questions and a lot of them I don't have the answers to. For example, I picked her up from school and this how the conversation went:

Lu: Mommy, I tooted!!
Me: OK, just say 'excuse me '.
Lu: Well, I'm just telllllinnngggg you.
Me: Ok, thanks.
Lu: Is that what you say when you toot?
Me: I don't toot.
Lu: Oh, just Daddy?
Me: Yes, just Daddy.
Lu: Well, I just toot because I have gaaaaaasss.
At this point I'm trying hard to keep a straight face.
Lu: Mommy, where does gas live?
Me: Uh, I don't know....I guess in your body.
Lu: Where? In your behind?
I bust out laughing not because she said 'behind' but how she said it. "BeeeHind."
Lu: What? Why are you laughing? That's what we call it at schoouuulllll. (Most of her words are pronounced with extra syllables)
Me: Yes, it lives in your behind.

I know one day I will truly miss having these types of conversations with my daughter, where she's curious about everything and finds the little things fascinating. Sometimes when we're in the car, I don't want to talk and just listen to the radio but I know one day when she's older, I'll be the one wanting to talk and will want her to tell me all about her day and what she did in school and all I will get is "nothing".

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